To grow as recognized & trusted customer support oriented company and EPC service provider to all Industries with Good engineering practices and well conversant of norms. Our company policy is to achieve continual improvement to fulfill customer’s requirement to their satisfaction on time with desired quality. We will employ ethical principles in our business relationships and act as a good corporate citizen in our communities. We will fairly reward our employees according to their contributions, and provide a satisfying work environment. Since its founding in 2005, WWMS has been committed to the highest standards of technology research, product excellence and customer satisfaction. WWMS entered the reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment field in 2000, and is now one of the most respected and experienced firms in the Water and Waste water treatment industry.

Business Overview

WWMS - Water & Waste Solutions business offers green solutions in the field of water and wastewater treatment and recycling for industrial, commercial, defense, hospitality and municipal sectors. Clients are provided total water management and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions that include:

  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment & Recycling

These systems are provided on both turnkey/EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) for large capacities and a standardised product range for smaller capacities.

  • Organization has key team members with long experience in the Proposal; Engineering and Project execution includes Mechanical engineers, Electrical engineers, Chemical engineers and field service technicians.
  • Well known with current norms and quality requirements on time.
  • Root technical experience about field Water & Waste along with MEP services to tackle all the constraints.
  • Commitment to complete project with assured guarantee.

Our Manufacturing Product:

1. Pretreatment Plant Including MGF,ACF,Softener.

2. Single Pass RO System

3. 2 pass RO System

4. 2 Pass RO-EDI System

5. Purified Water Storage Tank

6. WFI Storage &Distribution Loop System

7. CIP – SIP System

8. Multi Column Distillation Plant

9. Ultrafiltration System

10. Effluent Treatment Plant( ETP)

11. Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

12. Mix Bed Unit

13. Desalination Plant

14. Demineralized plant(DM)

15. Pharmaceutical SS Furniture

16. SS Storage Tanks

17. Pharmaceutical Equipment

18. Process Piping

19. SS Drain Trap, SS Pendent.

20. Electro polishing Service

21. Orbital Welding

22. Pigging System

23. Boroscopy / Videoscopy

24. Condensate polishing treatment plant(Power Plant for Condensate recovery plants)

25. Nano Filtration (Potable Water Treatment for Pharma, Food and Beverages)